Near Misses

Last night was a beautiful evening.  We decided to make a fire and have a good old barbie.  Everyone was in pretty good spirits. The little ones where riding around on there scooters and laughs were heard all around.

 That is until Jessi(almost 2) fell into the pool.  Her 16 year old brother was floating around on an inflatable boat and had little Jodi(almost 3) with him. Jessi knows that she is not allowed near the pool unless I am with her.  Her brother(16year old) started calling her towards him.  The more I shouted for her not to go to the pool, the more he called her. Her dad still shouted at me to stop panicking and just relax, but a mother knows when something is wrong.  His words to me weren’t even cold when I heard him shouting No Jessi! No Jessi and the next minute she toppled into the pool scooter and all.  I thought I was going to die.  I truly did.  I ran and grabbed a towel and dried her as quickly as I could. I had to strip her in the process and thought I could give her a nice warm bath.  She wouldn’t go near the water. 

 I didn’t know who I was angry with.  I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry. I was mad at the 16 year old for being so stupid and I was mad at her dad for laughing at my concerns and I was mad at myself for not stopping her earlier. 

All in all she must have been in the water for 3 seconds, but it felt like an eternity.  Safe to say, she is fine, but I doubt if she will go near the pool for a while. 

hpim0389.JPGMy little baby sleeping after her ordeal.  No cares in the world


One Response to Near Misses

  1. TornadoF5 says:

    Glad u’re ok little one!! Mom best send u for swimming lessons soon

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