Is this for real???

September 6, 2006

Now, I am not a tattoo person. I don’t have any on my body, but I do appreciate a good tattoo when I see one. I have a friend who has the most beautiful tattoo on his back. It is a lady sitting on a rock with her reflection in the water underneath her. Fantastic!! It is not completed yet, but it already looks awesome.

Now, I have seen some clever tattoos. You know the ones you get on e-mail, that leaves you looking over your shoulder to see if someone else saw you looking at it???? Well, I got one of those today, but it wasn’t as bad as it is clever. Now, this leaves me wondering if this is for real??

You have a look and let me know what you think….

I just noticed that this was post #100!!!! woohoo!!!!!
I know they weren’t all good, but I have enjoyed writing each and every one of them!!!!