Body painting follow up!!!

September 13, 2006

Three posts ago, I published a bodypainting picture that I have had on my computer for ages. I received it in a mail and I found the site where it came from. My friend Katt was eager to see what Virgo would look like. I took the liberty and added the picture for you to see Katt.

Isn’t it amazing what this artist can do?

You can go here to find your own starsign. Have a look at the Leo and Aries.

I am Cancer and this is the artist’s impression thereof.

Ok, so I said I was tired and felt stressed in my previous post, so now I ask myself, how did I manage 2 posts on one day???

Priorities, priorities………

Now to get back to work!!!

Have a great day and I’ll be back soon(I hope).


Body paint

September 8, 2006

I feel that I have to somehow get rid of the bad taste the tattoo in my previous post left. I have had this picture on my computer for ages and it is an amazing work of art. So in an effort to redeem myself for the nasty, I offer you one of my favourite pictures. I have no idea where I got it from and therefor categorically state that it is not my work and all honour to the original artist!!!!!

You have a great weekend and don’t forget about the 2996 project!!!!!!


September 4, 2006

Here’s a little something I dug out for my fellow bloggers who love to open a sixpack every now and then!!!!

or if you would prefer another brand…..

So, you have loads to “drink”.

Have a great week!!!!!


August 25, 2006

Didn’t you like my pick of the week? I haven’t had any comments for him. Did you perhaps miss it, if so here is the link.

Pick of the week

August 22, 2006

Sorry that you are only getting this today, but I had a mishap and missed work yesterday. But that is for a future post.

Have to get this one out to you though!!!!

Here is your candy for the week!!!

and another one of Anthony Catanzaro

Doesn’t that make you want to get into bed….????

And my favourite because this is what he would look like

if you bump into him in the street and I must admit, I would stare!!!

Is that better than last week?

I give this guy a 9!!!!

So off you go and have a great week!!!!

Photos courtesy of

Pick of the week: for the guys

August 15, 2006

I think I am upsetting some of my readers. I received an email asking how can I only have a pick of the week for the girls. Now seeing that I aim to please all my regular readers and I do have a lot of male readers, this one is for you. I must admit it wasn’t as much fun as searching for a sexy hunk, because the net literally threw thousands of pics at me when I ran this search.

So to get you guys started, I thought I would keep this very simple. She is pretty, she is blond, she has everything most woman would aspire to have… here is your pick of the week..

Her name is Cheryl Maxfield. She is a well know presenter in America and has appeared in numerous photo shoots and advertising campaigns. She was even in Silk Stalkings and other tv shows.

photos courtesy of

Pick of the week

August 14, 2006

It is that time of the week again. Ladies and gents, here is my pick of the week. He is very famous as a fitness and fashion model and is also an accomplished actor. Without any further ado, he is most definitely my pick of the week.

Have yourselves a great one!!!!

This is of course Rusty Joiner. Photo courtesy of his website He is currently one of the Iconmen models and you can read all about him on his site. And if you click into his photo gallery, you can see more of him too!!!!

I hope this one meets with your approval Katt?