Not let down anymore!!

February 26, 2007

After feeling miserable the previous weekend I must admit and say that things are looking up for the Bulls.  They made it! A win! If you go by prematch talk, it should have been an easy win for them considering the performance of the Chiefs thus far in the competition.  But, true to Bulls style, they left us hanging on our seats and pulled it off once again in the dying minutes of the game.  Victor Matfield learnt from his mistakes the previous week and took the points wherever he had a chance.  His face as the whistle blew to signal the end of the game was in my book a mastercard moment!!! What made it even more exciting was the fact that the try had been referred to the tv-umpire to adjudicate the validity of the try and he took a couple of looks and came back with “you may award the try”.  Now the Bulls head overseas and this will be a telling time for them.  They don’t have a brilliant away from home history.  I am still rooting for you Bulls!!!

 I also watched the Lions game against the Western Force and boy what a fantastic game.  These two teams are setting an example that I genuinely hope the rest of the teams in the competition will try to follow.  They don’t hold anything back.  They played for the full 80 minutes of the game and it was never sure which way it was going to go. The end score could have easily have been in the Force’s favour.  Hats off to both teams.  The Lions finally pulled it off winning by 25-24.  What a thriller???

Another game I was fortunate to watch was the Cheetahs – Crusaders.  The Crusaders obviously had a point to prove after going down against the Lions last weekend.  They proved that point in CAPITAL LETTERS!!! They gave the Cheetahs a thrashing and I think it was the first time I saw them(the Cheetahs) looking confused.  They were trying everything, but the Crusaders were just too strong.  This also brings me to the player who impressed me the most this past weekend and it was most definitely Stephen Brett from the Crusaders.  He scored a try, put over 5 conversions and 3 penalties.  My ag-shame player also comes from this game and it was Herkie Kruger.  The Cheetah number 10 had a completely off night.  He did put over a drop goal and that should save him some face.

Just so you don’t think that I only watch the games that our teams play in, I did watch the game between the Blues and the Reds.  For most of the game it looked like there was only one team on the field.  The Blues outplayed the Reds and the end score is a true reflection there of. The Blues ran out winners at 38-13.  Well done to them and I think they are also one of the final contenders!!!!  

All in all a very enjoyable weekend of rugby.  I prefer not to comment on the Stormers game and if you watched it, you will understand.

GO BULLS< GO LIONS< GO WESTERN FORCE<GO BLUES – Let’s see how far the above 4 teams get in the compo!!! 


What a let down??

February 19, 2007

I have many passions.  One of them being rugby. Now, unfortunately for me, I am a Blue Bulls fan and I have to ask myself the question.  Why oh why oh why????  What a disappointing game on Friday evening?  It was a game that they shouldn’t have lost.  They had it in the bag and then they just let it slip away.  I am at a loss for words…

 We have 5 teams playing in the Super 14.  All our other teams won their games over the last weekend.  The Lions even beat the Crusaders.  But what were the Bulls thinking???? That is a major part of the problem in SA rugby.  Go into the lead at half time and then just defend that lead.  What utter bull???!!!! How can any team think that? Some people say it is because the Bulls are arrogant and think they are superior.  The Bulls had an opportunity in the last minutes to level scores after getting a penalty within reach of the posts, but no Mr Matfield decided not to take the sure 3 points.  This happened not once but twice in the dying minutes of the game.  That surely supports the mindset of them being an arrogant side.    A draw in my book is better than a loss. 

I have never been a Sharks supporter.  Don’t ask me why, but I just never liked them.  Bearing that in mind and the fact that my team are treading water at the moment, I want to commend them for the results they have shown so far.  What a different team from last season!!!  I almost also want to single out the very young Lions team and say “Keep an eye on them”.  They have something that most of our other teams lack and that is good discipline and team work.

My player of the weekend was most definitely Percy Montgomery.  I haven’t seen that kind of commitment from any other player in a long time.  Well done to you Percy!!!!

My ag shame player would be Schalk Burger without a doubt.  The guy must have seriously pissed of the worst referee ever.  Schalk was eventually sent off the field for offences he did not commit.  Schalk, shave your hair because I think the refs are looking for that bush of hair of yours and you are way too easy for them to spot.