I want to moon you

July 19, 2006

After about 30 efforts, changing settings and now not remembering how, I finally get to moon you!


Death of a beauty

July 12, 2006

I published a pic of a rose in my garden a couple of days ago. Last night, I took a picture of that same flower and this is what it looks like now.

Why should it have such fleeting beauty? It is so sad that something so beautiful has to die. The circle of life is often a strange path.

Some more photo efforts

July 10, 2006

I am still trying to master my digital camera. I have actually enrolled in an online course to help me figure out what all the different functions means!! Four lessons has been published so far and I haven’t even done the first one. Ok, I lied, I attempted the first one. Subject was close ups.

I tried my hand and this is the best I could do. Still not what I was hoping for, but with practice and playing around with shutter speeds etc, I am sure I will get there.

And then I had to try my hand at a sunrise……

Back to the online-lessons and maybe this time, I should pay attention…

My flood pictures

May 26, 2006

Yes, I also took some pictures of the flood. It was incredible and I think the last time I saw so much water was in 1981 when I was still in primary school. We have had big rains since, but not as bad as this. I took these photos from inside my car and the rain still got me as you can see from the drops on the lens. The first is the road I normally travel on to work. It was just mud and water.

Then the day after the flood, the Swartkopsriver came down. Mr B phoned me to bring my camera and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Ok, maybe not what you would have expected when I said the river came down. It is actually what came down the river that was so interesting. You see all those weird green patches, well it isn’t land or grassland but this….
it came down the river in hundreds and thousands and was so bad that a fisherman got stuck and had to get off his boat and push himself to safety…

Sweet 16 & coincidences….

April 20, 2006

Bazil’s first born, Roche, turned 16 on 17 April. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROCHE! He is such a tiny person and people often think he is only 12 or 13. He has to share the day with his little brother Jodi who turned 2 on this day also. How about that for planning? Mind you, we have another birthday on that date and it is also the birthday of Bazil’s brother. So we have brother, son, son on the 17th and another big day in our family is 2 April. That is the birthday of my brother and my oldest son, Roche.

Here is a picture of firstly Roche on his 16th with his little sister and then Jodi on his second birthday doing his now favourite teasing of the cats. The third picture is of my two teenage children taken the day of my Roche’s confirmation.

Oh, and did you spot the fact that both our sons are called Roche?

For my friend Terri…

April 9, 2006

I promised Terri some pictures and it turned into a Sunday mystery trip. The whole family had to help with this one. Can you imagine how many times we heard “were are we going” and “why are we stopping here” today?

We took a drive to Schoenies and down Marine Drive. We ended up in Bluewater Bay where I took some lovely pictures of Algoa Bay with the skyline of PE in the background. I even tried to get close to the new Coega harbor wall to show you the progress being made. We were up in Fort Frederick and I took pictures of the Bakensriver Valley and the harbor.

Over excited me, got home, rushed to the computer to download the pictures and somehow messed the whole thing up. I shed some tears, uttered some unheard of profanities to myself, got back in the car and took the trip down the Marine Drive again and will attempt Bluewater Bay later in the week. I am so sorry about the mishap. Had some beautiful pics, but I hope these make up for it. See if you can recognize the spots I chose.

Then of course with this being PE and such a beautiful sunny Sunday, it was inevitable that this following pic had to be taken.

This last one has a story attached. We have often driven past and if you look at almost the centre of the picture you will see something red on the rock. Upon enlarging it, we found it to contain a rather special picture. Have a look at the enlargement of the rock. This picture was taken near a youth camp and I assume that it was painted by a bunch of youngsters who attended the youth camp.

I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as we did.

Here’s watching you!!

April 6, 2006

Here’s me watching you! Hope you didn’t get a fright??