Water water water…….

August 10, 2006

We had a public holiday yesterday and this gave us the chance to drive around PE and investigate the flood damage. I am going to post a few of the pictures that I took and bear in mind that it is now a week since the flood.

I was shocked at how much water was still present in certain areas.

In this picture you will notice a pump that is busy pumping the water to try and clear the road. This was taken in Boundary Lane that is between Lovemore Park and Mount Pleasant. Also take note of a youngster walking in the water. There are three houses where the inhabitants can’t leave their homes because there is no way out for them. Spare a thought…

This was taken on the main road to Seaview and as you can see the road isn’t passable. This area is Bushy Park. There are loads of small holdings in this area. The next picture was taken at the same place. We parked almost at the water’s edge. To the right is the only access road for people who live on the small holdings. This man had his family in the car and they must have been desperate to get out and tried to cross the water. They got stuck halfway through.

Fortunately for the family, there was a helping hand and the bakkie in the background was able to pull the vehicle out of the water. With a lot of cheers from the spectators that had gathered on our side of the road.

I have more pictures that I will post later. Please remember the people obviously still suffering in you prayers.


Yet another flood

August 4, 2006

What utter chaos and devestation. It started raining on Wednesday, 2 August and by Thursday morning there were chaos. Saddest thing in all this can be read at the following address.

People are running around professing that the end is near. Are they just running scared or is there truth in it? What with floods, heatwaves, war, tsunamis etc all happening around us, I am asking myself if we are missing something. I would like you views on that.

While you ponder my question, have a look at some of the devastation I saw.

While all this rain was falling here around us, it was snowing elsewhere and not very far away either. A friend sent me these pictures. They were taken about 20 kilometers outside of Beaufort West.

Nature can be just as beautiful as she can be ugly!!!! We need to respect her more…….

My flood pictures

May 26, 2006

Yes, I also took some pictures of the flood. It was incredible and I think the last time I saw so much water was in 1981 when I was still in primary school. We have had big rains since, but not as bad as this. I took these photos from inside my car and the rain still got me as you can see from the drops on the lens. The first is the road I normally travel on to work. It was just mud and water.

Then the day after the flood, the Swartkopsriver came down. Mr B phoned me to bring my camera and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Ok, maybe not what you would have expected when I said the river came down. It is actually what came down the river that was so interesting. You see all those weird green patches, well it isn’t land or grassland but this….
it came down the river in hundreds and thousands and was so bad that a fisherman got stuck and had to get off his boat and push himself to safety…