I am an almost 40 something mother of 4 children. Two of them are in their teens and the other 2 are todlers both under 3.  Why am I telling you this?  Just so you know that NOTHING scares me.  I have burned the proverbial t-shirt.

I am not married.  I am in a permanent relationship, but do not wish to get married again.  I have been married before and got deeply hurt.  My current relationship is working out great and I don’t want to spoil it by getting married.  My partner feels the same.  We have two beautiful babies and between the two of us, there is 8 children.  I can almost hear the questions and no, I am not planning to have any more.

 I am a funloving person.  I have many varied interests and some of them might even raize a few eyebrows. 

 Join me on my journey. Pop in or out whenever you feel like it.


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