Wild hogs…………

Ok, so it was weekend and I felt lazy.  All I wanted to do was relax.  What better way than watching an entertaining movie.  I’ve seen the trailer for Wild Hogs.  I even happened to watch the episode that Oprah featured the movie and made a mental note of “I must see this movie”.  After all, John Travolta is part of the cast and that gives me enough reason to want to see the movie.  Off I go to the video store and was pretty upset when I had to book the movie because they didn’t have any copies left.  I waited a week with bated breath and couldn’t wait to finally get my hands on the dvd.  Man oh man oh man.  If you haven’t seen it yet(sorry, I am normally the last one to get to see the good ones) do yourself a favour and get it!!!!! It is not the best movie you will ever see, but it sure is one of the funniest.  I think what makes the movie work for me is the combination of cast members. Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence are known for their comic antics.  They are at their best in this movie.  William H Macy has donned the hat of comedian absolutely perfectly.  In my eyes, he is the star of this movie.  Add John Travolta looking super sexy as a hard core biker and you have a winning recipe.  Big thumbs up to everyone who was involved with the making of this movie. 

I loved it.  I can’t remember when last I laughed as much as I did while watching this movie. 


7 Responses to Wild hogs…………

  1. livewire says:

    I heard this was excellent. Being a fan of Wm H Macy, I’m looking forward to seeing it!

  2. hello my dear friend. just to let you know that i am back in blog o sphere and my new address is whatalotoffun1 still cant acess into my old blog its there but cant get into it dont know why I have tried everything

  3. Bosbefok says:

    I have been wanting to see that one but was wondering if it was worth it …. Now I will definately give it a look. I reckon if we had filmed some of the ralllies we went on we would have made a mint !! Cos some of us were Hi – fricking – larious….!!!

  4. terri says:

    Thanks for the review – I’ve been wanting to see it, so now I will.
    Oh, and Bosbefok I think some of our funny rally stories would be x-rated..!!!

  5. buddess says:

    Livewire – Hi girl!! Popped in at your blog recently but couldn’t leave a comment. Glad to see you stopped by and you will most definitely love Mr Macy in this movie.

    Whatalotoffun – I was hoping that you will make use of the time and get some blogging done while M is away.

    Bosbefok – *blush*

    Terri – Just close your eyes during a very explosive scene. It made me cry…….
    and I am going to *blush* again, because I remember just how much fun I had at some of those rallies – especially my first one in Craddock…..*blush*

  6. angel says:

    i’m dying to see it too! thanx for the recommendation!

  7. gillian says:

    Well I’ve not been on for ages. Bugger the work load just too much.
    Oh I will have to tell hubby about it as we keeping wanting to get it out and it’s always off the shelf. The girls go to their mum for two weeeks and so we will have to watch it.
    Terri I can’t agree with you more, Bosbefok’s rally stories would be very x-rated. Heee he they’ed needed to be 18Years over. Tee hee. Oh boy those rally days where damn good fun.

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