I feel drained and exhausted.  My brain has stopped functioning and I simply just can’t concentrate on anything at the moment.  All work and no play is making Buddess very miserable.  So, I am officially taking a time out and doing what I enjoy most….blogging!!!

I think I am officially addicted to blogging.  I have had several addictions in my life and of all of them, I think this one is not so bad.  Compared to a food addiction, weight loss addiction, alcohol and sex addictions(no details will be made available, so don’t even ask), I am confident in saying that this one is probably fairly “safe”.  Apart from the fact that it does consume quite a bit of time it doesn’t have too many disadvantages.  I have often had days where I thought and felt like just crawling into a dark corner somewhere and pray that the world will just leave me in peace, but then I sit down in front of my laptop.  My fingers just automatically start typing away and I find all the therapy my mind needs. I get so involved in all the stories I read that I laugh or cry and sometimes scream “NO!!!” at some entries that I have come across that I am soon revived and ready to face another day. 

I must also admit that I watched the movie World Trade Center on Wednesday evening and it reminded me of the 2996 Project of last year. It also made me think of the person that I remembered and the fact that according to the info I got off the web, he was directly below the point of impact of the first plane.  My heart goes out to every single person who was affected by those acts of hatred.

All in all, what I am trying to get to is that I simply can’t do without my blogging.  I have to do it every day and that simply boils down to an addiction.  I don’t see it as a bad thing.  I have it under control and I am not going to stop!!!  If it wasn’t for my complete and utter self control, I would probably spend all day on the net, but doing that won’t feed my children will it?  So, I declare that I am a blog-addict but not an out of control blog-addict. No, let me rephrase that by saying that I am proudly an in control blog-addict. 

You all go and have a wonderful weekend and be sure to write all about it because come Monday, I will be checking to see what you got up to.


6 Responses to Addictions??

  1. angel says:

    cool- i hereby declare that i am an addict too!

  2. Bosbefok says:

    Hi Buddess,

    Blogging is the least of your worries….its the sex addiction you gotta look out for …:-) Haha !!
    Glad to hear youre all in one piece still. We miss you stax and think you really need to come over and Visit me and Terri soon !! I will take you out Guiness drinking and then you can have another addiction to worry about !

  3. Terri says:

    Me too! Me too!
    I get SOO pissed off that I don’t get to do it more often. Blog, that is. LOL!

  4. Chitty says:

    After I read the words “sex addictions”, the rest of the post become a complete blur. I need a new pair of glasses. 🙂

  5. buddess says:

    Angel – Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bosbefok – I’m on my way!!!!!! hehee

    Terri – hahahahaahah!!!!!!!

    Chitty – Damn, I thought no one would notice that one!!!!!!! So, tell me, did you get some………. new glasses?????

  6. AJ Ferrioli says:


    Thank you for your nice writing on how to Cure addiction and I was reading it and I think my time is not wasted


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