Time waits for no man (or woman)

It has been a while since I have last posted something. This only proves that I have been very busy with work and that is a good thing. Too much free time means that I am not working hard enough. I am glad that I have been so busy because I am now seeing results as that is what keeps a business in the black. As for other matters recently discussed on my blog, I am happy to report that relationship wise things are going very well. Life on the home front is absolutely heaven.  We have settled in nicely in our new small home.  I have even done some gardening and that is something I haven’t done in a l-o-n-g time. 


Life has settled into a very comfortable pattern of getting up for work, going to work and seeing lots of clients, doing demos, quotes, etc and going to the pub(with Mr B), playing a couple of games of pool, going home, preparing supper, having supper, have a bath with the little ones, relaxing in front of the telly and finally going to bed.  Does it sound boring at all??  It shouldn’t because there are loads of little juicy things that happens inbetween and I obviously can’t tell you about those. 

 What I can tell you is that our fellow blogger, Celeste, has given birth to her long awaited little boy and I paid her a visit over the weekend.  He is a beautiful little thing.  It felt so nice holding him close to my heart.  He looks more like his mommy at the moment but I am sure that he is still going to morph a few times.  I love how babies change and develop!!

Another good thing is that fellow bloggers Terri and Bosbefok have come to town for a visit and I am hoping that I will see them soon.  Well, they actually came all the way from Ireland to holiday in sunny South Africa.  It might be cold at the moment, but it sure still is a beautiful sunny day today.

I am feeling happy today.  I feel like I have completed another full circle in my circle of life.  Life is good!!


3 Responses to Time waits for no man (or woman)

  1. angel says:

    are you still happy? it sounds like it, and your flowers are gorgeous!
    thanx for the celeste news- new babies are not conducive to blogging and i was wondering how she’s doing…

  2. angel says:

    aaaah buggrit… i forgot i am still jealous of your jol with terri and i’m not talking to you!

  3. buddess says:

    Angel – Yes, I noticed that you aren’t talking to any of us. hahahaha – thought that was very funny and I was actually wondering when I will hear from you again. Celeste is doing well and enjoying the new baby immensely.

    I hope this means that you have forgiven the three of us for our jol???? Next time we will just have to do it online with webcams and all……heeheeheehee.

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