Drooling over Johnny

That is exactly what I found myself doing last night.  Good old M-net(pay channel in SA) broadcast Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead man’s Chest last night.  I have seen it before on DVD, but I just couldn’t resist watching it again.  I simply loved it.  My two little ones were spellbound.  They couldn’t take their eyes off the screen and they loved the “undead monkey” and the talking parrot.  I simply just loved Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.  What a nice way to relax on a Sunday evening?  Of course this was followed by a nice long relaxing bubble bath.  Did I dream of Captain Jack?  Well of course I did………


(picture thanks to www.mnet.co.za)


10 Responses to Drooling over Johnny

  1. Katt says:

    Well, who wouldn’t drool over Johnny Depp? Was I in the dream too? As in stealing the gorgeous man away from you? 😀

  2. buddess says:

    Katt – As a matter of fact we were gathering sea shells and drinking rum!!!!

  3. Terri says:

    Ooh, I want that dream too! I love him in those movies 🙂

  4. buddess says:

    Terri – 🙂 ….

  5. Katt says:

    Okay, I can live with that too. 😀

  6. Bosbefok says:

    Arrrghh …Tis Eye !!! Captain Dingbat !! Back from Davy Jones’ Locker !! And do I have a story for ye ….! It will be told shortly (about 3 weeks) When I visit yor fine city !!!!

  7. angel says:

    oooooh… i SO know what you’re talking about! i saw the first 2 movies on the bigscreen- and halfway through both i realised i’d wasted money on popcorn because i drooled all over it and it was inedible!!!
    i really have to make a plan to see the third one before it goes to dvd…

  8. Dawn says:

    I have only seen the second one and enjoyed it, too. Glad to see that you are feeling energetic and positive about starting things fresh with each new day. I think it is important to remember that thoughts become things as this makes you be more conscious of what you think – and that is always healthy. I am also trying to have good, creative and peaceful thoughts all the time. I’ll be thinking of you too. Lots of love. xox

  9. buddess says:

    Katt – Thought it will work for you.

    Chuck – So you don’t like Johnny Depp????

    Captain Dingbat – I carnt wait!!!!!!

    Angel – Not a bad plan – Just remember to take a cover with for your popcorn!!!!

    Dawn – Be strong my friend!!! Thinking of you!!! XOX

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