Drooling over Johnny

June 11, 2007

That is exactly what I found myself doing last night.  Good old M-net(pay channel in SA) broadcast Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead man’s Chest last night.  I have seen it before on DVD, but I just couldn’t resist watching it again.  I simply loved it.  My two little ones were spellbound.  They couldn’t take their eyes off the screen and they loved the “undead monkey” and the talking parrot.  I simply just loved Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.  What a nice way to relax on a Sunday evening?  Of course this was followed by a nice long relaxing bubble bath.  Did I dream of Captain Jack?  Well of course I did………


(picture thanks to www.mnet.co.za)


Time to pay respect

June 8, 2007

In my last post, I told you about a special lady that passed on.  Today we will say our final farewell to her at 12:00.  Sadly, her funeral service is being held at the same chapel that was used a few months ago for my other friend that passed away very suddenly from a brain tumour. 

After all the turmoil in my life in the past two months, I have come back down to earth with a thud.  The passing of Jean has made me realize that I need to take control of my life and pull myself together.  Life is short and too precious to be wasted like I have been doing.  I have been walking around with all these silly questions and in doing that, I have been wasting so much time making myself miserable.

So, today, I am telling myself – Carpe Diem!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carpe_diem

That is how I will start every day from now.  This brings me to another favourite saying “Positive thoughts breed positive actions”.

I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can finally take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

Sad goodbyes

June 5, 2007

A couple of years ago, I had the privilege to work with a wonderful lady.  She was part of the furniture at the company we both were employed at the time.  I remember that in the time I worked there, she celebrated 50 years with the company.

 She was a spinster and well over 70 years old, but I think in her heart she was always 25.  She drove a little powder blue VW Golf that never got past third gear.  She took care of all her senior citizen friends by taking them shopping or to doctors appointments or to funerals. 

Jean used to always have a very nasty cough and if you asked her how she was, she would tell you “I’m fine” and if you asked her if she needed some medicine for the cough, she would simply say “No, not to worry, I am fine”.  I also remember that she would never join us for our Christmas luncheons.  When we left to enjoy our lunch, she would stay at the office and answer phones and carry on working. The company was her life. When we all knew that the company was closing it’s office in our town, I made it my mission to get her to enjoy our last lunch with us.  To everyone’s amazement, she decided to come with and she had a lovely time. 

She also always had a huge lunch party for her birthday and she had a tradition to always remember the people and friends not with us anymore.  She used to be a companion to a friend of hers who was a medical doctor and became very frail.  She had to be assited with everything she did.  She could hardly walk anymore and when she passed away, I felt such a loss for Jean because I knew that Dr A was what kept Jean going.  Sadly, Jean started ailing soon after and finally passed away this past weekend. 

Jean never married.  She never had any children and lived for her work, Dr A and her friends.  You are going to be missed Jean. May you rest in peace.