Follow up on living in SA…

March 26, 2007

As promised, herewith the results of my little mini poll.  Not all of the people responded but that is not a train smash.

Here goes…

Anita said


It still is the best place to live.  Even if we experience many problems in SA, no country is without its problems.  We might have more problems than certain other countries, but we handle them as they come up.  We in the Langkloof believe that God protects us and if something does happen it is His will.  Yes, we live with permanently locked security gates, security fences and many dogs on our farms, children that is qualified to handle weapons and who knows what to do in case of an emergency but that is part of our lives and it is not an issue anymore to lock a door behind you etc.

It is very frustrating to experience bad service.

But SA is a sunshine country with the best climate.  People are friendly and try to be helpful.  It is wonderful to have your family and friends near you.  Like I said before every country experiences problems – there is no perfect country anywhere.  We have to remain positive and try to make a positive difference where God has placed us.

My family and I don’t even consider emigrating.


Warren said


I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. It’s that simple.

Jacques said

Pretoria is great. Great weather and very friendly people. I think one has to focus on what is important to u. The crime is still a big issue and it won’t go away.

Other Warren said


I think to live in SA in current changing times, is a wonderful colourful country to live in, but sure it’s challenges are real as I suppose in every other country. To have a democracy which is real, frees up plenty of business opportunities thereby allowing overseas interest and money to be invested in huge quantities. Opportunity is here…

We have crime yes which is out of hand and corruption which is bad, but speaking to friends of mine from Bulgaria, they say grass is certainly not greener over there being a country riddled with mafia and corruption, so what I’m saying is you can make a good life in SA, but try read less of the tabloids……. Focus on your well being and be enlightened what happens around you and know which places to avoid and it’s not bad being in Africa!

Jenny said:

My feelings are: “If we all stand together, we can make
South Africa work.” I don’t think enough effort is going into keeping it together – too many people are giving up hope and leaving, but if we all put in a little effort, we can build SA back to what it should be.


Some interesting opinions. I want to thank my friends for responding and those of you who didn’t, may you develope an unscratchable itch.  LOL, just kidding(maybe).