A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

Oi my buddies!!! I have been so sick with the flu and it think it has now turned in bronchitis.  I feel dreadful. I am just so tired and I just don’t feel like doing anything but get it under the covers and hiding from the world.

But where I am???  I am at the office attending a meeting for the former employer.  It is the coldest day of the year and it is pouring with rain, but I have to be at this meeting. I have clients waiting for me to get to them, but apart from not wanting to spread the germs, I just don’t have the energy.  I am open to suggestions of concoctions that will make me feel better.  I have tried the ginger-ale, grandpa’s, med-lemon warmed in a saucepan trick.  I don’t have medical aid, so I will just have to suffer through this on my own. I am developing fever blisters on my nose and that is just too painful!!!!

Seeing that I was feeling so dreadfull all weekend, the only course of action was to lock myself in the bedroom and I had to sit through all the rugby games all on my own!! Now, I am not complaining about that.  Not often that I get the chance to do that on my own.  What a wonderful rugby weekend for our teams.  All our teams won their games.  Even the Stormers!!!!  Go boys!!!!  Let’s hope that you are on the way too bigger and better things now.  Normally I would have a lot to say about the rugby, but not today.  I have written down all my little points and I will most likely get to them later in the week.  Have to get through this meeting now!!  They are late and I hate that.

 What’s the point of making an appointment and then you don’t make it?  Ok, maybe they weren’t that late considering they are from Jo’burg and it is raining cats and dogs outside!!!  What pleasant people and I am happy to say that all our problems were resolved.

I am going back home now.  I am going to get into my pj’s and ask Mr B to make me a nice cup of soup and I will just carry on feeling sorry for myself because I feel so miserable.   


One Response to A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

  1. terri says:

    Ag shame sweetie, you go wrap up warm and get some rest and feel better soon ok?!

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