Open Letter

This is between me and my Maker. If you choose not to continue reading, no offence will be taken.

Dear God

I have been very silent lately.  I haven’t been speaking to you as much as I did before.  I have been battling on my own and trying to do everything thrown at me on my own strength.  I have even asked myself if You are real.  I have been totally self absorbed and engrossed in my own little world.

I suddenly realized that there is no way that I could have been handling life on my own strength.  I realized that when I couldn’t carry on and wanted to give up, You were there. I realized that without me even asking, you put me on a path that has led to many successes.  I know that it didn’t just come from me.  I am way too weak to have endured all the trials and tribulations.  If it was up to me, I would have been dead already.  It wasn’t the Prozac that saved me. It was You. 

Thanks to You, I am now running my own business.  Thanks to You, I have more work than I can handle on my own.  Thanks to You, I will be able to employ someone and change her life.  Thanks to you I have beautiful children who love me unconditionally.  Thanks to you, I am alive again. Thanks to you, I have a new outlook and life and thanks to You, I believe again.



2 Responses to Open Letter

  1. Tammy says:

    I thank G-d everyday for all that is in my life and how fortunate I am. It sounds like you have overcome so much and gone so far!!!

  2. chuck says:

    excelent post my friend!! i start everyday with, “i thank you lord for this day and all others, i thank you for all of the blessing that you have bestowed upon me and my loved ones” and then i go on from there and get a little more specific, my life has been better every since i started trusting in God. anyway, you’ve been tagged – Three Things – come by and check it out.

    i hope God comtinues to bless you as you deserve, in fact i know he will if you keep believeing. take care.

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