Lover’s revenge

I stole some time from my own busy schedule and read some blog posts about Valentines Day. The common trend was very negative and I am not at all surprised.  I find the same with Easter and Christmas. 

When I was still a bright eyed teenager(long time ago) I lived for Valentine’s Day.  It all seemed so much different back then.  It was about sending someone you “liked” something signed “guess who”.  The fun part was not really knowing where these gifts, cards or notes actually came from.  It was all innocent fun and obviously the more gifts you received the better.  It was a cardinal sin to sign your name or even hint at your identity. 

Today, Valentines Day is a joke. It has been commercialized to death.  All the fun has been taken out of what used to be a very special day.  Gone are the days of finding a flower on your desk with a note saying “You are beautiful” or finding a box of chocolates with a note saying “Go on, just eat them.  You can diet again tomorrow”. 

Another thing I realized is that men and women look at the day in a completely different way.  Women get warm and fuzzy feelings about the special meaning of the day.  Men think “Oh my God!! How much is this going to cost me and will I get some *bouncy-bouncy for all my trouble.”

Why all the pressure about doing something better than the next person? Why do some people feel the need to spend so much money in the hope to get lucky at the end of the night?

It also made me think and ponder on which Valentines Day has left a lasting impression on me.  Sadly, I can’t recall a Valentines Day that will forever remain in my memory.  I can only add that one thing that I do remember happened about 10 years ago when I worked for a very large company.  I used to run the events coordination section and used to deal with lots and lots of clients.  One of these clients walked in on Valentines Day and personally presented me with the biggest bouquet of flowers I had ever received and in front of a whole office of people told me the following.

“This is in no way a sexual advance.  I am merely sharing this with you today because of the person you are.  If I could choose a perfect Valentine, it would be you.”

He turned around and walked away.  After I stopped blushing and endured all the office banter, I realized what the gift was all about and I knew then that that is what Valentines day is about.

Will we ever be able to find our way back to those days?

I met a guy yesterday while at a client.  We chatted and laughed about the whole concept of Valentines Day. My client is a happily married guy and was actually offended by the idea of sending a bunch of flowers to someone that you are not married to or romantically involved with. The other guy summarily obtained my cell number from someone in the building and on my way home I received a Valentines message from him. He is also a happily married guy and was obviously trying to prove a point.  Don’t know if I got it, but it did make me smile. In all honesty, it made me feel good that he went through the trouble of finding my number and all that.  Does he have ulterior motives?? I hope not because that would just spoil it all won’t it???

I think what I am trying to conclude is that in SA we have 3 seasons,  Valentines Day, Easter and Xmas.  Please note my spelling on Xmas because in my own personal humble little opinion Christ has disappeared from Christmas and replaced by X marks the spot for the best deals available.


5 Responses to Lover’s revenge

  1. Terri says:

    A bouquet just because you’re nice? That’s what we all dream about eh?! A belated happy V-Day to you, luvvie!

  2. buddess says:

    Thank you Terri!!! Let’s just say that being nice often gets me into trouble…

  3. chitty says:

    You are right in saying how uncomplicated things were way back then. The first time I sent someone a Valentine, I stole a rose from my mother’s garden, bought a box of Cadbury’s Milktray with my pocket money and drop it anonymously into her schoolbag I never got to tell her it was from me, but boy, was it exciting!

  4. Katt says:

    Hey Buddess! My apologies for the delay in posting the promised comment.

    I really think you hit the nail on the head here. Commercialism is killing happy occasions because people are letting it. The constant chant of ‘It’s too commercialised’ is a cop out and an excuse not to make any effort.

    Yes, the special occasions are a pain in the backside with annoying jingles and kitsch decorations but if people would remember the reason for the holiday or special occasion this world would be a happier place.

  5. buddess says:

    Katt – I am sending a mission to the Kattbox – What do we have to do to get our special occasions back? How are we going to change the mindset?

    Shall we draw up a mail bomb and send a mail around saying that we are missing Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day and that we want it back?

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