Playlist meme

I saw this over on Katt’s . I got so involved in it that I have completely relaxed after the emotional weekend I had and feel ready to tackle the rest of my unpacking I have to do.

Try it, you might just need it.

Opening credits – Let’s go – Shania Twain

Waking up – You are not alone – Modern Talking

First day at school If you had my love – Project W

Falling in love- All through the night – Cindy Lauper

Fight song – I’m alive – Celine Dion

Breaking up – Misfit – Amy Studt

Prom/Matric Farewell – Bad Moon Rising – CCR

Life’s Okay – Loverboy – Billy Ocean

Mental Breakdown – Lazy – David Byrne

Driving- Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

Flashback- Unwanted – Avril Lavigne

Getting back together – Things I’ll never say – Avril Lavigne

Wedding – Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

Birth of a child – Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison

Death Scene – Ohh Ahh (just a little bit) – Gina G

Funeral Song – Love of the common people – Paul Young

End Credits – I’m winning – Santana

Some interesting answers here!!!!


8 Responses to Playlist meme

  1. Katt says:

    Interesting answers indeed. I love the End Credits one. And I see you also have fun with the formatting on WordPress! 😛

  2. buddess says:

    Katt – It all looked fine when I wrote the post, but the minute you push the publish button it just goes haywire. Mind you, I’ve got the linking sorted out now!!! I thought the opening credits was also good and the breaking up song (Misfit!!)

  3. buddess says:

    Katt – How’s that???? Seems that the editing between Word and WordPress does its own thing. It does read better now anyway!!! Makes more sense too. Let’s say that I know a bit more about using codes than I did before this morning.

  4. Dawn says:

    I can see I have loads of catching up to do and I am going to come back to do that. This message is to say thank you – you touched my heart and I am grateful for your friendship and understanding. Thank you for visiting and I will be back over the weekend to catch up on all your news. LOTS of love. xox

  5. angel says:

    thats such a cool list! i also thoroughly enjoyed doing mine a while ago!

  6. terri says:

    Very interesting list indeed, Buddess. I think I’ll grab this to use myself sometime. I just caught up on your Emotional Weekend post and man, I can’t blame you for getting cross. Those situations are THE PITS and especially with the kids there to witness it all. But the good news is you’re all moved now and you have a really cool playlist!

  7. buddess says:

    Dawn – it was from the heart and only the truth. Take care xox

    Angel – I’m going to go and see what yours said!!!!!

    Terri – Thank goodness for that!!! We have not had anything like it for at least a week now and it is just so peaceful now that we are “under cover”!!! heehee
    Looking forward to seeing the outcome of your playlist!!!

  8. Katt says:

    It’s picture perfect, Buddess! 😀

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