Playlist meme

January 29, 2007

I saw this over on Katt’s . I got so involved in it that I have completely relaxed after the emotional weekend I had and feel ready to tackle the rest of my unpacking I have to do.

Try it, you might just need it.

Opening credits – Let’s go – Shania Twain

Waking up – You are not alone – Modern Talking

First day at school If you had my love – Project W

Falling in love- All through the night – Cindy Lauper

Fight song – I’m alive – Celine Dion

Breaking up – Misfit – Amy Studt

Prom/Matric Farewell – Bad Moon Rising – CCR

Life’s Okay – Loverboy – Billy Ocean

Mental Breakdown – Lazy – David Byrne

Driving- Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

Flashback- Unwanted – Avril Lavigne

Getting back together – Things I’ll never say – Avril Lavigne

Wedding – Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

Birth of a child – Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison

Death Scene – Ohh Ahh (just a little bit) – Gina G

Funeral Song – Love of the common people – Paul Young

End Credits – I’m winning – Santana

Some interesting answers here!!!!


The big move…

January 29, 2007

“I’m a mother on the edge”.  “I have a temper and I am not afraid to use it”.  Ok, well almost.  What an emotional weekend? The big move was supposed to happen on Saturday.  Everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  Our intention was to spend a quiet Friday evening at home relaxing.  Then a friend came over and caused a huge commotion at our house.  You know the kind that spent all day drinking in a pub, then got into a fight with her best friend that said that we said…. I hope you get the picture.  About a year ago, I wrote about a houseguest who has a bad “habit”.  After vanishing from our lives, he has been back for the last two months.  He has been doing really well.  Therein lies the problem.  His ex-girlfriend is not happy with us because we are keeping them apart.  Just to explain our actions I want to say that she is a very bad influence on him and a big instigater as far as his “habit” is concerned.  He broke up with her and she is not taking it well.  She said a whole lot of bad things about him to her supposedly best friend who also happens to be a very close friend of his.  She(the best friend) felt that it was necessary to inform him and that was when the trouble started.  He has been on the edge for a couple of days and that information just tipped him right over.  I almost had to sit on him to prevent him from spinning off in the car and going to the pub to bash her head in.  She had an accident practically in front of our house 5 days ago.  She knocked her head on the steering wheel and badly bruised her arm in the process.  I was there shortly after it happened and now she is telling everyone that he hit her like that.  I lost my cool and blasted the best friend out of our house.  She was so drunk and to make things worse, she had her little 3 year old boy with her.  I bundled her into my car and a friend of mine drove her car home while I drove her and her little son home.  I can’t remember when last I was so angry at another human being.  The thing that got me so angry was the fact that we had visitors at the time that she decided to barge in and using the most foul language describe to him in front of strangers what his ex-girlfriend was saying about him.  He ran through a window in his anger.  That after we spent a couple of hundred bucks fixing the house before we move out. What really sent me over the edge was the fact that all the kids were at home at the time and had to witness this whole event.  Thank goodness we have moved and neither her nor the ex-girlfriend knows where we are for now.  More in a next post!!!!!!

Thank you Terri!!!!

January 25, 2007

I have been working on this for a bit and I think it is finally ready.  Thank you for the tag Terri .  It was fun and makes this my 3rd post for today. 

Yes, it’s The Alphabet Meme…!!

A – Available/Single or Taken?
… I would consider myself taken.  I have been in a steady relationship which yielded two beautiful children for the last 5 years.
B – Best Friend?
… Definitely Kiwichat far away in
New Zealand which makes it almost unbearable at times.
C – Cake or pie?
… it would have to be cake and only if it is a moist chocolate cake with lots of chocolate icing . Now you’ve gone and made me lus for it!!!
D – Drink Of Choice?
… Coffee for sure.  Unless it is very hot, like now, then it would be a cider or SOCO and Lime!!
E – Essential Item You Use Everyday?
… my cellphone, my laptop, my toothbrush and my coffee mug!!!
F – Favourite Color?
… I realized recently that practically every item of clothing I own is pink apart from my blue jeans – does that make my favourite color pink??  I didn’t even realize that I like pink. Blue has always been my favourite colour.
G – Gummy Bears or

… those sour worms are devine!!!! Prefer my worms fresh though….
H – Hometown?

Port Elizabeth – where the sun always shines, the sea always shimmer and the friendliest people reside….
I – Indulgence?
… dare I say underwear – whenever I go shopping, I buy more underwear !!
J – January or February?
… February – pay day always comes quicker!!!
K – Kids & Their Names?
… Roche, Shandre, Jodi and Jessi – Did I miss anyone???
L – Life is Incomplete Without?
… laughter – our house has been full of it of late and I love it!!!!
M – Marriage date?
… first time was 5 Jan 1990, 2nd time don’t want to remember, 3rd time 13 July 2003 and now I am happily co habiting with my other half
N – Number of Siblings?
... 2 – a older brother and a younger sister
O –
Oranges or Apples?

… bananas – maybe nobody notices that I slipped this one in….
P – Phobias/Fears?
…heights and small spaces is my phobia and my fear is not to live long enough to see my little ones grow up
Q – Favourite (movie) Quote?
… “
Aright, nobody move. I’ve got a dragon and I’m not afraid to use it.”(Donkey in Shrek)”I’m a donkey on the edge”
R – Reason to Smile?
… I have a wonderful family!!
S – Season? Spring or Fall?
… Spring – brings with it thoughts of warm days lazing in the sun after the cold winter
T – Tag 3 people?
Celeste, Katt and Hannelie
U – Unknown Fact About Me?
… I started smoking – again…
V – Vegetable you don’t like?
… egg plant – disgusting.
W – Worst Habit?
… Smoking. I’m stopping again…soon…I hope… with all the new laws in the country, I’ll have to!!!!
X – X-rays You’ve Had?
… Chest, pelvis(don’t ask).
Y – Your Favorite Food?
… Definitely hard – rice cakes, soy beans etc – just kidding – Seafood, pasta, steak, roast chicken, baked potatoes – oops singular – BRAAIVLEIS of any kind!!!

Z – Zodiac sign?
… Cancer.

But before I take over the world…

January 25, 2007

garfield.jpgYes, I warned you that I have lots to tell you.  I ended my last post saying that I am on my way to take over the world.  Before I do that though, I have to move house.  Isn’t that just a dreadful prospect.  This will be move #10 for me.  I have a on-line friend Livewire who has moved almost 5 times that number. 

I have been packing and cleaning and decluttering for the past two weeks.  Where is help in the form of Helen from Neat when you really need it?  It isn’t actually too bad.  It is just that I get so sentimental about things and don’t part with it easily.  My new thought on this subject is that if I hadn’t worn or used it in the last 6months, I obviously don’t need it.  Unless of course it is a seasonal thing or something that definitely still has a purpose albeit only once a year. Like my tumble drier for instance.  I haven’t used it since Jessi was a baby and she is almost 2.  So do I need it?? Definately not and it wastes electricity come to think of it.

Come Saturday we will start carting boxes and furniture andall our other worldly belongings to our new home.  I’ll take some pictures of the process and post it in my Flickr account next week.  Before, during and some after shots.  I am sure the after shots, will contain some alcohol.

I just hope that the two little ones will adjust to the new house easily. They have only known the house we are currently staying in.  The new location is much more convenient.  It is in the centre of PE, close to our biggest shopping centre, close to the 16 year old’s school and close to the office.  An added bonus is the size of the pool.  You could actually swim laps in it and get a good workout at the same time.

Here’s to new beginnings and happy endings!!

My new world

January 25, 2007

It is official.  I shall be my own boss as from 1 February 2007.  I stopped listening to all the negative voices in my head and heard all the positive ones screaming to just go and do it!!!!

I have a substantial amount of work to start off with already and life as I know it now, will cease to be.  It will be good.  I know and believe it.

I know that my blog friends are never far away and you might not see me every day, but just remember that I am myself never far away.  Time is money and now, more than ever, that will be the new way of life for me.  Don’t you worry, I have allowed for me-time in this new hectic schedule and my me time will be spent with my on-line friends.

 So, here goes Buddess off to take over the world.  Wish me luck!



January 16, 2007

I am at a point in my life where I amnoodles1.jpg not sure which direction I want to go in.  It is a very confusing time. I am not sleeping well and someone recently told me “your eyes aren’t shining anymore”. That innocent statement has sent me on a path spiralling out of control. I have had so many life changing episodes that I thought that it was all over for me.  I assumed that I was happy doing what I was doing and would continue doing that until the end of days.  I have always had a job where I worked for someone else.  I have so many skills and talents and I am now wrestling with the idea of venturing on my own.  Why haven’t I done it before?? Pretty good question. One that I definately don’t know the answer to.  If I have to think of one good reason it would probably be the security of someone else being responsible for my paycheck.  The other day I tried to draw up a two page cv which I needed to submit to an employment agency.  I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t get my work experience and abilities to fit on two pages.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not a job-hopper.  I worked for 5 companies over the last 20 odd years.  I have however gained so much experience in so many different fields that drawing up a 2 page CV does not afford me the opportunity to sell myself.  That is what your CV should do.  I then realized that I don’t want to sell myself to another company.  I want to sell my services to companies and reap the benefits myself.  I don’t want to make other people rich anymore, but I want to create my own financial independence.  The only question is do I have the guts to do it?? Do I have the attitude that it would take?? Do I have enough drive to get up every morning and put in a full day’s work if I am the boss?

Guess I will have to wait and see…..

Do I still have any readers?

January 15, 2007

Hi guys.  Well, let me see.  I missed Christmas and New Year and most of all, I missed all my blog friends.  It has been a while since I posted and I hope that I haven’t lost all my buddies in the process.

I can hear you asking “Where have you been?”.  I don’t even have a long winded answer as usual.  The only explanation I can give, is that I have been busy!! Busy with work, busy with children, busy with friends, busy with shopping for the new school year, busy, busy, busy. I have been dying to get a post in and I have even been so lucky to visit some of my regular reads.  Due to the fact that I don’t have any internet access at home coupled to me being on leave since 15 December, I couldn’t get to my blog.  I am so happy to finally just be able to say hello to all of you!!!! 

I do hope that you all had a wonderfull festive season and that 2007 started with a good old bang.  Personally, I prefer gently entering the New Year.  In hind sight, I should enter it with a bang and a hangover because from that point, the year can only get better.  Needless to say, my year started at the same trend that it ended.

Here’s hoping that 2007 will be a better year for moi.  I am tired of fighting so many battles and just not managing to sit down on31 December to say “Damn, this was a GOOD year!” As for New Year’s resolutions, you won’t find any in my book. Maybe, I do have one. If you want to call it a resolution, then my resolution for this year will be to ensure that I have a good year.  I want to be successful. I want to make good money and that brings me to the frightening situation that I am in now. But that is a whole new post in it’s own.

So, now you know, I am back and have lots to tell you.  Watch this space and see my success unfold in front of your very eyes.  (wishful thinking??? maybe, maybe not…)