My sister!!!!

November 30, 2006

A while back I spoke about my pregnant sister about to have her second set of twins.  Well, it happened on 28 November only two days after my own daughter’s birthday.  It was considered news worthy here at home and actually made it to the front page of the daily newspapers!!!!  Go to the link below and have a look at the now large family. The link takes a while to open, so please be patient.  It is worth the wait.

I am so proud of the two of you!!!  I want to wish you well and all the best for the future and many hopefully peacefull nights ahead.

Love you both!!!


Good news for a change

November 27, 2006

Finally, a chance to post!!!  I have been so busy at work lately that I haven’t been able to get a post in.  I am in the office today to do some admin that has also sadly fallen behind.  We landed a contract that has taken the last two months in planning and executing.  It hasn’t left much time for anything else. 

I must admit that I was looking forward to being in the office for a change.  I feel completely drained and spent the whole weekend in a vegatative state on the couch in front of the telly.  What a great telly weekend!!  I am a avid watcher/followerof reality shows and Friday nights is my reality channel evening.  Yes, we only got to see Outback Jack now for the last couple of weeks and for the first time, I was happy with the choice made by Jack!! Can’t help but feel that the last couple of Bachelor and Bacheloret’s that the wrong choices were made. Jerry Hall’s Kept also ended last week and she didn’t choose the guy I thought she would either.  A new season of The Bachelor also started on Friday evening and this time the bachelor is Charlie.  What a dish?  Deep voice and all!!!

Saturday was RUGBY!! The Bokke made me proud.  I think I was one of a few people who believed that the game will be ours!!! GO BOKKE!!!

Sunday our cricket team repeated the winning streak and gave the boys from India some cricket lessons!! After being 76 for 6, it was all over by the shouting and in walked Justin Kemp and together with Andrew Hall set up a record breaking 8th wicket partnership which secured a win for the Proteas.  Congratulations to our cricket boys and I hope that you can continue on this winning form!!!!

Sunday also saw the conclusion of a brilliant Survivor SA with Vanessa walking away with the R1000000.00. Note to self, get passport ready, because I want to be in the next one!!! The dead man’s island twist made an interesting change to the game.  To think that someone who ended up there after being voted off continued to take the million.  I thought that Mzi and Gareth would be the last two standing, but well played ladies!!!

So, I wish you all a great week and hopefully I will get some time to catch up on some of your blogs!!!!

Such is life….

November 14, 2006

It was with great anticipation and huge expectations that I took my seat in front of the telly on Saturday afternoon.  I was hoping against all hope that the Bokke will pull it off, but after 2 minutes into the game, I knew that we were toast. It was so sad to watch as the Irish destroyed us. They wiped the floor with us. I am hoping that the Bokke will finally start learning from their mistakes, but they just keep making them over and over again.  People are quick to say that the coach must go.  I normally say that it takes a whole team to win, but after Saturday’s game, I fully agree.  Jake White failed dismally in his task.  He is responsible for defensive play and that is where we failed. There were too many gaps in play, too many missed tackles and not enough teamplay.  So what if there were new guys on the field??  So what if this is a young team?? So what if we have to meet quotas?? So FUCKING what??? I didn’t see a team on the field on Saturday. I only saw one player who played his heart out.  It is the guy that I dislike most of all the SA players, but I felt sorry for him. Ricky January was the only little bit of sunshine on a black day.  But I won’t write my team off yet.  I shall continue to believe in them and I won’t burn my jersey yet.  I know they can do it, but it is a little difficult to believe in them just now.

On another note, I have been very busy at work lately and therefor have neglected my blogging buddies.  I am working at a site away from the office and will be busy there for the next month or so.  I am enjoying it though, but I am almost sure that by the end of this task, I won’t be a meat eater anymore!!!  More on than in another entry…

Bruiser is doing fine.  He is avoiding the pool and still lets me touch his head. He obviously thinks that I am cool enough to do it!!!

The 16 year old has been keeping himself in check.  I think he is concerned about his exam results because he has been very quiet of late.  Two weeks can be a long time to have to wait. 

So, my buddy Celeste of Whatalotoffun is pregnant!! She is literally glowing and I am so happy for her.  Here’s hoping for a boy!!!!

Just off the cuff, I am not sure if I am happy here in my new home on WordPress.  I can’t seem to get the hang of it.  I can’t get my photos on and I can’t get the whole linking thing sorted either.  Maybe someone could give me some advice PLEASE!!!

I am still happy, still thinking positive and have a new motto for this week:

Do something, don’t EAT something!!!!

Days 0f my life

November 7, 2006

I am proud to say that I stuck to my intentions of last week and had a much happier week for it!!! This brings me to a conclusion that our own happiness lies indeed in our own hands. 

Last night I was very upset though.  We have a few tortoises that we inherited when we moved into the house.  I came home to find one of them stuck head first in the filter outlet of our pool.  The poor thing must have walked over the hole and fallen in.  Obviously it wasn’t able to get itself out.  I know that tortoises can swim but I didn’t know how long the poor creature found itself in the position that it was in.  When I finally managed to yank it out of its prison, I was sure that it was dead. It was limp and lifeless.  I tried my best to get it to show some signs of life.  I was so upset.  I phoned hubby, who is away again, and sobbed like a baby.  I kept going back to my lifeless little friend and gently rubbed its head.  After making supper and getting the little ones to bed, I went to check on my dead friend and low and behold – he sat looking at me!!! I found it a nice warm place to spend the night and am happy to report that this morning, it was cruising the garden again. 

Tagged by Katt

November 1, 2006

I was tagged by Katt to reveal 8 random things about myself.  I did a similar tag to this just over a year ago and you will find it under my tags category under the title to tag or not to tag.  If you read that you will know 21 random things about me.  I am going to take a time out now to find 8 more things that you might find interesting. 

 I have 1 brother and 1 sister and 3 step sisters.

My brother is 1 year older that me and my sister 4 years younger.  My stepsisters are much younger because my father married a wonderful lady 2 years ago who is only 10 years older than me.  No sarcasm, she is a fantastic spiritual person and loves my father to death.

My father is my hero.

I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about him much yet.  He is my favourite person in the whole wide world and I simply love him to death.

My sister is pregnant!!

My sister has a set of twins, aged 8.  A boy and a girl!  She is expecting another set of twins due very soon and they are also a boy and a girl. Unbelievable!!?? Believe it.

I have had two miscarriages.

Sad but true. My first pregnancy ended itself the day after I found out that I was pregnant.  I hadn’t told anyone and my husband didn’t know.  He still doesn’t know.  Six months after that I fell pregnant again with my son.  Two years later, I fell pregnant again and started experiencing problems 4 months into the pregnancy.  I was bleeding profusely and after several scans it was established that I was carrying twins, but the one was not developing and my body was aborting it. A month later, I was back in hospital experiencing the same pain and bleeding.  I was devastated, but it wasn’t the baby.  She was fine, but I had to have an appendectomy. Was very scary!!

I sometimes suffer from verbal diarrhea.

A friend recently called me “a bit of a talker”.  We had been emailing each other for a while and she said she enjoyed getting mails from me because I am “a bit of a talker”.  No short and sweets from me!! Too late, don’t try and hide your email addresses!!!!

I don’t have any living grandparents.

It is so sad.  I wish I still had a granny that I could just go and sit and talk to.  My one gran died when I was 16 and I didn’t know her husband because he died when I was 4.  My other gran passed away 6 years ago and her husband passed away when I was 14 – can’t remember much about him.  They were divorced and we didn’t see him often.

My favourite eat out is Ocean Basket

I don’t know what that says about me, but Mr B and myself love to go there on our own, order a couple of bottles of wine and enjoy some excellent sea food. 

I am not obese any more!!!

When I joined the gym, my BMI put me in the obese category, but I am proud to announce that I am a bit below that now!!!

Ok, that is done.  Seeing that you now know 21 plus 8 things about me, you owe me 13 things about you Katt!!!!