Photo tag

July 31, 2006

Well, I think this guy is amazing. I saw this tag on my Buddy’s and Celeste’s sites yesterday and wandered on over to the source and found it to be Chuck.

The aim is to find a picture of a point in your life when you were “bright eyed and clueless” as to what the future will hold for you. I have seen some of the reactions to the tag like Frog with a blog and it inspired me to dig into my pics as well. This is a scan of a picture taken while I was in High School. I might add that it is a good 21 years ago and boy was I bright eyed and clueless back then. Can’t say I am better off now, but at least I am still bright eyed!!!!

Have a laugh at my expense, it is ok, I have left myself open for it….

You might want to pay Chuck a visit to see what else he published of me.

Ok, well there you have it a before and after pic of myself within a couple of days. So much for staying somewhat anonymous.


Have a great week!!!

July 31, 2006

Just wanted to wish all my readers a wonderful week. Compliments of my friend A…. Enjoy!!!!


July 28, 2006

Since I put the neocounter in my sidebar, I have been watching with anticipation to see the flag count grow. I am pleased to see that it has hit 15. I happen to know who the 15th country is and who the visitor was. Remember the post about Mr Brut and the speculation about Mr Right? Well, the guy you all thought must be Mr Right lives in Lesotho and I enticed him to have a look at the post and the comments!!! Clearly he did. And he enjoyed it!!! I am sure he is flattered and appreciate the fans out there. I wonder what Mr Brut will think if he got to read it.

Here is something nice that I got by email today. Thoughts to ponder on:

or this one……

Testing testing

July 27, 2006

Our friend whatalotoffun wants to blog and she is having endless problems. This is me testing her computer and I have come to the conclusion that blogging from a normal Telkom line is the pits. Everything is working fine when I use her computer on a normal Telkom line in our office but the minute she tries at home, she gets disconnected and the poor girl is climbing walls!!!

She hasn’t left the blogworld and I promise that she will be back once we get her Telkom line sorted out at home.

Mr Brut revealed!!!!!

July 26, 2006

Ok, so you didn’t get it right. Does it mean I got it wrong? This picture should clarify everything!! I am crossing the line here. I don’t often publish pics of myself, but I have to to make a point. You’ll see what I mean.


some more drumrolls……. ………. ……….

gosh, I’m not sure if I should do this…………

Oh, what the hec…..

Mr Brut

July 24, 2006

I have mentioned several times that I am busy organizing a reunion for my matric class and we had another meeting this weekend. D-day is only 2 months away and I am now beginning to panic. Everything is under control however I can’t help but feel that something is going to come unstuck somewhere down the line.

But, that is not what I want to talk about. I saw him. My Brut guy that I blogged about a couple of months ago. We were at school together. We used to sit in the same desk during Maths for 2 years. Our teacher didn’t mind because his results improved drastically. His girlfriend however did mind. But that still didn’t stop us. We only got to kiss once and it was one of those mindblowing kisses that you wish would never stop. Mainly because we were in one of the classrooms and could get caught.

He was at our meeting on Saturday. Just as handsome as I remembered him. I tried to smell him(don’t laugh!!!). All I could smell was tobacco and cigarettes. It is amazing how you can have a picture in your mind and then when you stand in front of the person, it isn’t what you were remembering. I still remember him as 17/18. Let’s just say that the updated version is not bad at all. I am contemplating whether I should add his picture here or not. Ok, he is in the following picture. You tell me who I am referring to. Prizes will be awarded for correct entries!!!!

Ok, now I have you guessing. Let me narrow down the field, he is also on this picture…

Another hint, he is wearing a …no, can’t make it that easy for you.

Ok, now this doesn’t mean that I am ready to abandon home and kids to run into the sunset with Mr Brut. It was just a happy reunion. We laughed and remembered and had lots of what-if? moments, but that is all that it was. Just glad to see that he turned out ok. He has had a rough time lately. Getting divorced for the second time. He has 3 children and they live with him. In my heart he will always be my Mr Brut. Nothing can change that….

Back in the real world, I am very happy with Mr B and the kids. I wouldn’t change them for anything.

I want to moon you

July 19, 2006

After about 30 efforts, changing settings and now not remembering how, I finally get to moon you!