Thank you Chitty

I saw this on Chitty’s blog who saw it on Blackcrag’s blog. Chitty tagged me with the letter “G”

The rules are simple: Write 10 words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.

Now, I don’t want to be a spoil sport and this has actually caused some serious thinking on my part and that doesn’t happen too often, so here goes.

George –for George Clooney – has to be #1 – beauty, style, charisma, charm & Sexy. He makes me dream the most beautiful dreams and let me leave it at that.

Gold – makes me feel all warm when I see this word or colour. Nothing says I love you as much as a beautiful piece of gold jewellery. Gold is also one of the major mining industries in South Africa and we produce 20% of the worlds gold. One of our provinces, Gauteng, was named after all the gold mines situated in it. This also reminds me of the Olympic Games and the search for Olympic Gold. I truly admire all participants in the Olympic Games. Gold is reserved for first place. Gold is for those who are truly the best at what they do.

Ground – A place I have my feet firmly placed on. Ground can mean so many things for so many different reasons. You have ground as in soil – most amazing smell after rains. You have ground as in where your home is situated. A place where you normally feel safe and secure. You have ground as in minced beef or spices. Another fantastic smell is ground peppercorns. Seems to me that the word ground affects my sense of smell mostly.

Gorilla – They are the most stunning animals and I can fully understand why Dian Fossey dedicated her life to them. The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International is dedicated to the conservation and protection of the endangered mountain gorilla. They are so strong, yet they can look so sensitive and sincere if you look into their eyes. Gorillas in the Mist happens to be one of my favourite movies.

Garfield – The cutest cat you will find. Who hasn’t seen the Garfield cartoons and who at one stage didn’t buy the love of their life(albeit at age 12) a Garfield stuffed toy as token of your love and devotion. Ok, I am sure it didn’t only happen to me. Garfield makes me laugh and will always be special in my heart. In 1978 the Garfield comic strips by Jim Davies debuts in 41 US newspapers on the same day that the first test tube baby was born. By 1983 Garfield appears in 1400 papers in 22 countries and was translated into 7 languages. Want to have some fun with Garfield then visit here.

Gandhi – The Gandhian notion of “passive resistance” or satyagraha, the strategy that won independence for India in 1948, had earlier roots in South Africa. Mahatma Gandhi lived in South Africa for 21 years from 1893. He arrived as the lawyer for an Indian trading company, but, appalled by the racism and discrimination he encountered, he founded an Indian political movement, the Natal Indian Congress. He conceived his ideas of “passive resistance” during protests in 1906 when he made a speech warning that “violence begets violence” and that love and truth must eventually prevail. Several movies has been produced portraying the life of Gandhi.

Gogga – Afrikaans word for creepy crawlies – pronounced Go-ga. Strangely enough it is also a very popular term of endearment. I for one call my little ones “My gogga” when I speak to them. They are definitely not little spiders or insects in my eyes, yet the word Gogga is often associated with affection. Little children will be terrified because then to them, Gogga is the Boogie Man. As they grow older, they will realize that it is just a general term for all little creepy crawlies and they will start catching them and bringing them to show you. A couple of years later, they will rather die than touch any of them. It is amazing how such a little word, can have so many connotations to it. I once acted in a school play and my character(lead mind you) was a girl named Gogga. She was a tomboy, I had to do tricks on a bicycle on stage. It was a very plain, very ordinary story written by a student but it was a laugh a minute. I still have the script in my memories box.

Green – As in the colour of our lawn, the colour of the trees and shrubs outside my office window, the colour of my eyes and I have actually never considered green a favourite colour until now. I realized that green brings peace to me. It makes me feel relaxed and tranquil. I have also realized that I have never used green as a decorative colour in my home. I wonder why that is. If it makes me feel all the aforementioned feelings, why don’t I use it at home? Will have to ponder that for a while.

Grey’s Anatomy – We are currently seeing the first season of this show and I am hooked on it. Yes, it is just another hospital soap but yet it has something different about it. I think it has a lot to do with two of the actors. I love Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo. Every episode brings new medical cases and a mystery to solve. It sort of reminds me of House.

Gregory House – Sorry Chitty, I have to use this one too. If you visit here you will see what his critics wrote about him and Chitty is 100% correct in describing him. The New York Times reckons he is “As addictive as Vicodin”. So, when are we getting to see the next show???? Why do I think of him? Because he stands by what he believes in. He doesn’t back down and he is simply who he is. He is not trying to change to fit in with others, but he is himself and that is how I am too. I am who I am and that is Gregory House, no no just kidding. He is just inspiring and yes, he is just another character in another movie, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be like him. I will of course just strip away the rudeness, ego and cranckiness or would I?
Ok, I have many more that I am thinking about ie g-strings, gay, gasoline, gastro, golf, games but if I don’t stop now, I will go on forever. So, if you want to try your hand at this and have nothing better to blog about, leave a comment indicating your wish and I will give you a letter. Maybe I must just through the letter Y back at Chitty just because I can.

For some or other reason, I can’t add any pictures to this, but will do it at a later stage. For now, this will have to do.


3 Responses to Thank you Chitty

  1. angel says:

    cool list- i was tagged with a “T” a while back!

  2. BUDDESS says:

    Angel – it is rather interesting. I am just sorry that I couldn’t publish my pictures. Would have made more sense if it was complete.

  3. DelBoy says:

    Good to see that you have “green” and “gold”, but what happened to the “Green & Gold”??

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