Thank you

December 8, 2005

Just wanted to say thank you to those of you who regularly visit my blog.


Well done Autopage…

December 2, 2005

On a previous post, I mentioned that I have had a problem with handsets I received from my service provider and that I was battling to get this sorted out. It is now exactly a year since I took out the contract which made me the proud(hahaha) owner of a Motorola C650. I have had 2 weeks use of said handset in this last year. For the last couple of months I have had to make use of loan phones and to my shock and horror, they(SP) charged me for the 2 loan phones that I was using. R1114.07 for the one and R1073.76 for the other. In my wisdom, I took out 2 contracts for myself and my partner and both our phones turned out to be duds. I promptly called the Sales Manager and told him how brilliant I think his staff has handled this matter. I made an arrangement with him 3 months ago. He would personally test the phones and tell me they are ready for collection if he is happy that they are in perfect working order. I received a letter from them last month stating that I must return their phones or they will charge me for it and then they will also keep my handsets. I phoned the department who sent the letter to me and informed her of my arrangement with her manager. She promised to take the matter up with him and that was the last I heard from her. Luckily for me, I checked my bank statement yesterday and realized that they haven’t done anything but raise a charge to me for the above mentioned two amounts, added it to my call charges and took the total amount off my account. Hence the call to the sales manager, who promptly promised to do something about it. I wonder what he recognized in my voice.

He came back to me in the afternoon(very surprising because he didn’t return any of my calls of the last 3 months) and said that I may keep the phones I currently have, they will keep my faulty handsets and he will pass a credit to my account. Now this is where I got really p…ed off. Now we are talking almost R2200.00 here. I asked him what good is a credit, if the money was taken off my bank account already. I would be able to talk for free for a couple of months to come, but is it really for free??? Didn’t I inadvertently pay for it. Especially this time of the year. I demanded a refund and now I am still waiting for confirmation thereof. Let’s hope the wait won’t be too long.