How to insult an Afrikaner…

If you want to insult an Afrikaner, you simply call him a Dutchman and watch the blood rush to his face. Ben O posted a comment recently on my blog questioning a term I used while answering a tag from Chitty and Michelle. My last comment was that I hate the word Dutchman and the incorrect use thereof. Let me explain ….

I am an Afrikaans speaking South African. As a result of a constant English versus Afrikaans struggle, several derogatory terms have been used to refer to either Afrikaans or English speaking people. I did a google search and came across the following explanations:

Dutchman: (Not a Hollander). Slang for an Afrikaaner. Warning: Don’t call anyone this to their face, particularly if they love red meat, drink Klippies (brandy) and Coke and wear socks up to their knees.

Rockspider/Dutchman: A derogatory term for an Afrikaner.


Afrikaner name for an Englishman, or an english speaking South African.


An english speaking South African term for an Afrikaner – Hey, you rock spider! Who you calling a ‘soutpiel’? Come here and I’ll klap your lights out!”

Now, I know all countries have something similar to this. For instance in America you have trailer trash.

Trash is appropriate vocabulary for Springer’s show, since the word can also be used to describe most of his guests. As a noun, it means a person of low behavior, usually from a “bad” family. An interesting subgroup is trailer trash: poor, trashy people who live in prefabricated homes (trailers) in trailer parks. Though you can find trailer trash anywhere in the US, they are usually stereotyped as ignorant Southerners

And in America a Redneck means something completely different

Redneck, a related term, describes a bigoted rural Southerner. According to southern comedian Jeff Foxworthy, you might be a redneck if you have more tattoos than teeth, shave your legs with your husband’s fishing knife, have a Jack Daniel’s poster in your living room, answer the door carrying a shotgun, and have at least once thoughtfully placed a six-pack of beer into your friend’s casket before he was buried. While rednecks are not identical to trailer trash, it is entirely possible to belong to both groups at the same time.

So, in other words, a Dutchman=Rockspider=Redneck=Trailer Trash and I am definitely not one of those and you can therefore understand my hate (yes Hate) of the word. Two other prime examples are the use of the word Nigger(African Americans) and Kaffir(Black South Africans). If you call someone a kaffir in South Africa, said person can sue you. Can I sue someone for calling me a Dutchman? Now that will open up a whole new can of worms. If you have any more of these offensive words out there, please let me know about them.

Please feel free to visit here for some more interesting South African words and sayings.


47 Responses to How to insult an Afrikaner…

  1. kyknoord says:

    Ah, sweet intolerance. Our second biggest export.

  2. DelBoy says:

    So what would that make me?
    Afrikaans mother, English father.
    English school, Afrikaans university.
    English and Afrikaans 1st language at school…
    My friends in SA call my ‘Soutie’ and my friends in the UK call me ‘Dutchie’.

    I’ll leave it up to you. 🙂

  3. Catman says:

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  4. Ben O. says:

    So very interesting. I feel so out of it when I visit your blog. I’ve been out of America, and I love seeing other spots on our little Globe, but I don’t feel nearly worldly enough to hang (verbally) with the likes of you.

    Slang is strange. Here in America, it is almost a good thing to have a nickname like Dutch or Irish, if your family heritage is from some other country . . . as most of ours are.

    Very cool post – Ben O.

  5. BUDDESS says:

    Kyknoord – Its just my opinion, like you said in your post. I enjoyed that one btw.

    Delboy – It makes you a sweetie!! Thanks for stopping by again.

    Catman – Welcome and I went to have a look at your site and there seems to be a bit of a language problem. Do you have one of your many pages that is in English?

    Ben O – I know how that feels. I have never been out of SA. However, I find that I am learning so much from visiting all your blogs. I start to recognise people and places being talked about. Don’t stop visiting!!!

  6. As an English-speaker that went to a predominantly Afrikaans school, I found that the English guys seemed to have more derogatory words for the hairybacks than they did for the rooinekke. 🙂 Do you think that’s true?

    I understand how some of them are really unpleasant and vicious but what nickname for Afrikaner would you be ok with? ‘Soutie’ for rooinek is cool by me.

    One other thing, I know Afrikaner is spelt Afrikaaner in Afrikaans but isn’t spelt Afrikaner in English? I know that makes sense even though it sounds weird. 🙂

  7. BUDDESS says:

    Sorry sir Soutie Alan, I made a spelling error. My bad. I am quite happy to be called Jo if you don’t mind. What is wrong with simply calling someone an Afrikaner? I have a good sense of humour, but this is the only issue that I get totally freak out by.

  8. Hi Jo, I know what you mean and being called by one’s own name is probably the best policy to avoid having one’s head smashed in. But, what I meant was should you be in company where people are teasing in a good-natured fashion, is there a nickname for Afrikaner, even if slightly derogatory in a different context, that you would be happy with?

  9. LiVEwiRe says:

    I’ve always wondered if my intolerance to people using derogatory terms makes me just as bad in the way of being intolerant. I’m referring to people intentionally trying to be hurtful, not to banter between friends. Then again, I’m always calling everyone a jackass or idiot, but I can safely say I don’t discriminate…lol.

  10. Bosbefok says:

    Well, I was a “Soutie” that went to an Afrikaans LAndbouskool (Agricultural School)and we used to rib each other mercilessly (but mostly good humouredly) The English were soutpiele and rooinekke and the Afrikaaners were Planks, Duchmen, rockspiders,hairybacks, clutchplates,or just …hey! jou moer !
    It seldom led to offence but produced plenty laughs…

  11. BUDDESS says:

    Reluctant Nomad – I can’t think of one right now, but a lot of people call me by the Afrikaans version of my name(Johanna)just to tease. I don’t like it, but I have learnt to live with it.

    Livewire – I think a person must never forget to look at the context in which it is said. I think if you called me jackass, I would hear you call me sweetie or something like that.

    Bosbefok – I know it is normally said in good humour, but when a drunk guy who can barely stand on his own two feet, comes up to you and calls you a stupid Dutchman because you won’t get him another drink, all humour is lost. Clutchplate?? hahaha, I haven’t heard that one before.
    Come to think of it, now some of the things said on the school bus is making sense.

  12. Terri says:

    Omigosh I just realised I’ve been happily reading the comments on this post for days now… and I haven’t left one myself yet! This is where the derogatory term ‘Dumb Blonde’ would be entirely appropriate and not offend in any way 🙂

  13. Fox says:

    Ya a kuli,charo watever.racial names dnt meen anyting.if u a kaffir u a kaffir,boer hoer,watever.swart bliksem same kak.ks 4 life.kaffir style.

  14. Nikita says:

    😉 Who was the black leader in SA that said that “they” shouldn’t start thinking like a kaffir!! LOL! i laughed myself a papie when i read that on the internet…was a couple of months ago…like in February…btw…i’m in London, not in SA, therefore not sure who it was anymore…but know it was def a black leader…one of them… and being from Dutch origin…(my grandad), i’m proud to be called Dutch… i don’t mind at all…lol! they can call me a “boer” too… suits me fine… as long as they don’t call me a Rooinek (coz I’m “here”…)…Rooinekke is domgoete! TOE se ek jou… 😉

  15. Eli says:

    irvin khoza
    I think his remark was misunderstood and made a big PC deal of – I think he meant just, for the guy he said it to, to “stop thinking in that old ‘they are up we are down’ way”

  16. jan malherbe says:

    Ja jou know i grew up on the east rand[Brakpan] nogal, and being the sensitive type,[i’m an artist[painter by profession],this ‘Duthman’,’rocks’derogotary name calling ,kind of like freaked me out, i also heard the afrikaners calling the blacks ‘kaffirs’ a lot , i never heard that word from my parents lips though,they were educated refined ,well read people, i am gratefull for having had that background.

    So as i grew up and started thinking and making sense of the world around me,it dawned upon me that this name calling had a lot to do with one ethnic group of the population,seeing themselves as the more powerfull one ie opressing the other,and most of us know that part of preparing soldiers for war ,is to dehumanise the enemy, so that you dont have to feel to bad about killing him.

    During the run up to the anglo-boer war a lot of theBritish indoctronal preparation was focused on dehumanising the afrikaners as backward racist bigots,uneducated,uncooth,ignorant country bumpkins incapable of ruling and economically managing the mineral wealth of the boer republics,so focusing on the negative side of the afrikaner was a commenplace thing amongs the english in preparation for the iniquitous system to come,the afrikaners focussing on the negative aspects of blacks was in preparation for the iniquitous apartheid era.

  17. Nikita says:

    And… just for the “record”…the British was the first to call the blacks…”kaffirs”… and also, kaffir is an Arabic word meaning… “non-believer”.

    My parents also NEVER used that word and I grew up on a farm and had lots of black friends, even now, still visiting them from time to time…and burried one of my best black friends during childhood years a few months ago. My mum and sisters were there…although it’s been years since we sold the farm, but still visiting them…as we see them as “family”, we were about 25 years on the farm. I cried my eyes out when I got the news about my friend. Many people in SA did get along during Apartheid, people like to use the word “Apartheid” just to blow things up more than it used to be… you know, like the newspapers…but during those years, and even NOW….what’s going on in countries like America/England (where I am now) you get racists..bigger than what “Apartheid” was….and during the 60’s…what happened in America…if you don’t know…do a search…about black pupils being refused to attend white schools..and it was also during those years…that the world shouted…”South Africa! Racist country!”…this blows my mind!! completely!!

  18. jAN Malherbe says:

    Site editor;May i add my affiliate url’s next to my comments?

  19. matt says:

    chill out crunchy, why are you clutchplates always getting bent out of shape when we call you okes dutchmen. basically means you speak bonehead and the origins of said language stem from holland, hence the term ‘dutchman’, we have much worse words for calling the trailer trash specimens of your bretherin! and no it doesn’t mean we are racist, it means we are creative, for what other country in the world has such creative linguistics across the board from/for everyone and everything. yes i think we probably could come up with more constructive use of our creativity but no we shouldn’t be ashamed and we sure as hell shouldn’t be so quick to slap the racist label on everyone! learn to laugh at yourselves and the insults will slide like water off a ducks back!


  20. Wit SUid-Afrikaner / White South African says:

    Hmmm ja I’ve thought about this on many an occasion.. and ja it is AMAZING how the Johnsons ( “English” South Africans )are so hateful of Boers/Afrikaners. It comes a long way and it has definately got a lot to do with the fact that the Jack Russels think they are the “the shit”. These soppy Teabags feel they are better than the rest and that they have a form of “high culture”. WOw.. uhm… makes me think of Grahamstown where there are MANY Rodents ( not just students at Rhodes… 😉 ) and EEEK!!! if you don’t see a Melksop embracing a monkey then you see one that LOOKS like a monkey.. Then the PITS for me is THIS fact and I will not understand it (OR.. ja .. I think I actually do..) . These SOuttange have a STRANGE trait and that is their furious hatred for all non-Enlish WHITE people and name calling etc…. BUT!! there love of NON-white peoples! YOu know… all White people are Dutchmen, Krauts, Rednecks ( THEY actually suit the description of what they imply ) etc etc.. but OH WORD!!! don’t DARE call a black person a “kaffer” or an Indian a coolie .. OH NO!!! Then YOU are the scum of the earth.. It comes a long way though… even BEFORE a Ringneck starts his/her edcuation in an “English school”. Those schools where there are so MANY nonwhites and where they are so boetie-boetie ( 😉 ) with them.. Here they even teach their nonwhite “fellow English” (uhg… puke puke) about “Dutchman, Krauts, Boere” and to hate other White People who don’t speak English. And these WeakChins always ripp other people off about their accents when speaking English but uh… have these Eilandkaffers ever heard THEMSELVES?!? ” jah ek kan deeh tohl proht sooo beehkie..” a bietjie?!? most of the Gebrande Roosterkoeke can’t even SPEAK or UNDEDRSTAND properly… TANGE (pliers) plat, stomp en dom! YOu can say “Fok jou en jou ma jou dom ingeteelde dom halwe Engelsman” and it will reply… “oh golly thanks my china!”

    If WHite Civilization is left to them and THEIR mongrel brethren it will disappear off the earth in a single generation.

  21. japathug says:

    Never knew any white South Afrikaners and had no opinion either way until I had the extreme misfortune to be linked to one of late. Surely can`t lump all South Afrikaners into the Dutchman category but the South Afrikaner I`m associated with is, indeed, a Dutchman of the lowest level. Seems you can physically take the Dutchman out of South Africa, but it`s evidently impossible to take the rabid, pathologically abusive desire to invade, colonize, physically bully, and threaten people out of a Dutchman. Must be in their DNA to steal instead of work. (and they call indigenous blacks from SA lazy Kaffirs? What a twisted joke). This Dutchman thrives on abuse, fear, and apartheidic intimidation. He is an unequivocal moron and fits the definition of a sadistic, pathologically sick bully, perfectly. I`d say he`d make an excellent Nazi storm trooper. What makes him particularly disgusting is his apparent conviction that he can continue to abuse those around him and get away with it. I guess that`s why he`s stupid…

  22. Pete says:

    Years ago, I was lead to believe the worst insult to give a South African was to suggest that they came from – “BLIKIESDORPF”! Is this outdated now,or just replaced by Rockspider/Rooineck ? Either way I prefer BLIKIESDORPF as it sounds more local.

  23. Viagra says:

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  24. Mac says:

    I am quite tall and have called a Black Zimbabwean a “Kaffir” and Afrikaners “Dutchman” each with desired results in enraging the inferior ethnicity.

    From my name, you can tell which one of only two possible countries I’m from, so I can afford to call them this because they are inferior cunts!

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  27. Schedule says:

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  28. Adriaan says:

    Im Afrikaans and calling me a Dutchman means vokol. If you raw afrikaans insults and sayings, ask me, ek kan soos ‘n ma se poese matroos vloek as ek wil hahahaha

  29. michael says:

    if a afrikaaner calls me a soutie i call them a boer , duchmin, kaaskop or a clutchpalte

  30. Nrfeqnlr says:

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  31. Tessa says:

    I don’t get why anyone hates another group from their country. I come from joburg north and I didn’t even know this stuff still happened anywhere. Also another thing though, I overheard Afrikaans peopls badmouthing English people, and they were talking about the anglo boer war. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES that was like a hundred years ago!! I use the word dutchman to describe a low class person. It doesn’t matter if they’re english or afrikaans or even white for that matter.

  32. Naomi Silver says:

    As an english speaking black south african/namibian with german roots(this is the ONLY language I speak). I think this is ridiculous. The word kaffir means non believer so the use of this word by afrikaans speaking people(mostly, and don’t deny it cos its true) I might add is just ridiculous. Black people are god fearing folk therefore the word “kaffir” means nothing. So if you don’t believe in God or a higher power then you ladies and gentlemen black,white,coloured or indian are kaffirs too! The words dutchman or rooinek mean nothing either. It will only affect you if you let it. So in short. Who gives a damn.

  33. Cgxtnkbh says:

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  34. Tlddcwyb says:

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  36. Juan Olivier says:

    Calling Afrikaners Dutchmen is just calling yourself stupid since you must be stupid to think Afrikaners are Dutch.

  37. video slots says:

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  38. C Gradwell says:

    Lol, shot for the Article. Better late than never. If you really want to piss of a SA man just say something about their mom. Also look for the meanest stare from a guy/girl and then ask his girlfriend for the time and laugh a lot like she or he is flirting with you. (omg I think I’m becoming pc, God forbid?) Brawl booked 😉

  39. Ian Furber says:

    The Dutch (from Holland) and the Dutch South Africans (Boers) have one thing in common. Lying in the dumbest way. Both groups (for some reason) find some weak excuse to poke rubbish at the English or British. Simple fix is to ask them one question. How many flags around the world boast the Dutch Flag compared with how many flags around the world include the British (Union Jack) on them.

    When you really think about it you can only feel sorry for such a bunch of dumb dutch looser’s.

  40. Carl says:

    First of all to be considerd a redneck does not mean you are a bigot the term comes from people who work outside like roofers and construction workers. Second my father was from South Africa and his nick name is Dutch wich came from his service in military in south africa he was called that because his family was from the Netherlands and he never took offence to it most people didn’t even relize that wasn’t his name

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    How to insult an Afrikaner… | Oodlesofnoodlesoffun

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