Only in South Africa….

It’s Great to be a Souf Efrikan

This is a great country because:
1. You can eat half dried meat and not be considered disgusting.
2. Nothing is your fault, you can blame it all on apartheid.
3. You get to buy a new car every 3 months and the insurance company even pays for it.
4. You can experience kak service in eleven official languages.
5. Where else can you get oranges with 45% alcohol content at rugby matches?
6. It’s the only country in the world where striking workers show; how angry they are by dancing.
7. You’re considered clumsy if you cannot: use a cell phone (without car kit), change CDs, drink a beer, put on make-up, read the newspaper and smoke, all at the same time while driving a car at 160 kph in a 60 kph zone.
8. Great accent. (!!!)
9. If you live in Johannesburg, you get to brag about living in the most dangerous city in the world.
10. Burglar bars become a feature, and a great selling point for your house.
11. You can decorate your garden walls with barbed wire.
12. The tow-trucks are the first on the scene for most major crimes, without being called. The police you have to call about three times.
13. Votes have to be recounted until the right party wins.
14. Illegal immigrants leave the country because the crime rate is too high.
15. The police ask you if they must follow up on the burglary you’ve just reported.
16. When a murderer gets a 6 month sentence and a pirate TV viewer 2 years.
17. The prisoners strike and get to vote in elections!
18. The police stations have panic buttons to call armed response when they are burgled
19. Police cars are fitted with immobilisers and gearlocks!

Ja nee!! Dis VREK lekker hier!!

Just to confirm our uniqueness, this picture was posted on jollygoodjokes recently

and yes, we do see them regularly in our streets.
The SPCA even have staff members who monitor the condition of the animals and if found lacking, they are confiscated from the owners. Look closely, this donkeycart is parked in a University staff only parking bay.

I still love my country and even though we have problems, we still have the most beautiful people and places. I would love to travel and see the rest of the world or at least some of it, but this will always be my home.


5 Responses to Only in South Africa….

  1. I like the picture… am I weird? Donkiekar!! Hehehe… now that is a funny word.
    That is why I will never leave SA.

  2. Terri says:

    So funny cos it’s all true, hehe! b.t.w. The “Great Accent” one is very true – the ppl over here love it!

  3. BUDDESS says:

    Chitty – I love it too! We have a donkiekar coming past the house every day. We call it our local 2 horsepower 4X4.

    Terri – The accent thing are so bad you know that I worry that it will come across in my writings you know and jisty man, I dont want that to happen hey. hahaha
    Gotto love us Sefricans.

  4. Very interesting site… I wish I could build one like yours!nancy

  5. Leo Tester says:

    Only in South-Africa do you get condoms for free but have to pay for plastic bags at the shops.

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